Ariel Bader-Shamai

The City of Hamilton's Anne Foster Windows

A 3-month public exhibition of my portraits of Hamilton-based musicians. Located in the Anne Foster Windows in the Lister Block, 28 James St. N. 

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Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan was a mood piece performed around a dinner party, created by Aimee Burnett. The Lazy Susan performance was done in collaboration with Aimee, Allie Blumas, Katie McDonald, and Sahra Soudi.

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Mixed media installation, in collaboration with HAVN


“A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that they remake it in their own image.”
― Joan Didion

Nodality is a collective exploration of place, and the interrelationships and connections we find between our environment’s temporal spaces and histories. Together, we are trying new ways of looking at, and conceiving of, the natural, social and human ecologies existing between the complex systems in our surroundings.

Using archive, inquiry, and experience, we are inspired to respond to our shared landscape by experimenting with materials and re-contextualized meanings of urban, industrial, and natural spaces that can transform, be preserved, or reconciled through intervention or conversation. We reflect on the changing intersections and interactions of Hamilton systems at a great time of flux.

This collaborative exhibition is the final phase of a year-long experimental project called Nodality by the Hamilton Audio Visual Node. Generously funded by the City of Hamilton’s City Enrichment Fund, Nodality is allowing HAVN artists to conduct research, share knowledge, and work with new art forms.

In collaboration with:
Sahra Soudi, Amy McIntosh, Maria Simmons, Leah Klein, Vanessa Crosbie Ramsay, Dima Matar, Lauren Goodman, Connor Bennett, Annie Webber, Emily Hamel, Andrew O'Connor

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album art for 'friends and aliens tapes' by Brahja You Out Haolin Sasquatch

album design by Aaron Hutchinson

Paint, oil pastel and paper collage.

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The Cocoon


Plywood & Steel Installation. Collaboration with Petra Matar, originally commissioned for Supercrawl 2014.

The Cocoon is an installation emerging from a durational performance piece that celebrates the silence of nature and the transcendence of change. This introverted space is constructed with prefabricated wooden frame encompassed in sheer fabric. Like a cocoon, this piece symbolizes the beauty of change, and the importance of a place of refuge for growth and development.

Ariel Bader-Shamai and Petra Matar are artists and collaborators practicing in Hamilton, and members of the multidisciplinary arts collective, HAVN. Together, their work is experimental verging on figurative, including experimentations with geometrical and natural forms.

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Woven, Still

Mixed media installation


| t h r o u g h | t h e | t r e e s |

Wilderness of light, sound, & woven form.

Featuring video, sound, installation,
& embroidered photography 

In collaboration with Aaron Hutchinson, Amy McIntosh, Kearon Roy Taylor

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