Solecism is a quarterly zine calling attention to the unexpected and inherent faults in film. With this series, we want to call attention to the photographs that aren’t “good” – the ones that would never be shared or printed. We want to focus on the B-sides, the photographs that, despite being duds, reveal something about the temporal situation, whether that has to do with the subject of the photograph, or the person behind the camera. These aforementioned B-sides include, but are not limited to: multiple exposures, light leaks, closed eyes, under and over exposures, fog, off-centering, sidewaysing, and cut offs, etc.

Film is fickle. We embrace the blunders.

The first issue of Solecism was released in October, 2017. The second issue is due out this spring.

Edited by: Ariel Bader-Shamai & Vannessa Barnier


© 2018 Ariel Bader-Shamai
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